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If you are a Hair or Beauty brand looking to develop sales in the UK Professional Hair & Beauty market we have 3 options.


1. We add the brand to our portfolio and distribute your brand ourselves.


2. We can find you a suitable company who will distribute your brand throughout the UK.


3. We can offer you advice on all aspects of  how to penetrate the UK market, including pricing, distribution and marketing strategies.



If you are a Hair or Beauty brand looking to develop sales in either the European Professional Hair & Beauty market or the European Consumer market we can help.


We work with a variety of distributors in each European country to ensure your brand is managed by a company that will develop it to it's full potential.

With our extensive knowledge of Sales Team Management, we can offer the following training services.
1. Analysis of the capabilities of your Field Salesforce.
2. In the field Salesforce Training.
3. Seminar training sessions for your Sales Team, specialising in a seminar on Target Achievement Planning.
4. Assistance in all other Sales Team Management areas such as recruitment, sales structure, training programs, etc.
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